Violations of public order


Before the city’s social distancing, two drunk foreign youths on motorbikes drove on the opposite of Nguyen Van Linh Parkway. After a while, the two had a conflict, argued loudly, and then stopped the bikes to fight right on the road. A security guard on duty nearby came to stop them. After regaining consciousness, the two young men reconciled themselves and left on their bikes. Also recorded in Phu My Hung, a young man drove into a road that is not for motorbikes, ran a red light and then collided with a security guard. After arguing, the security guard continued to drive to work while the young man ran to the security’s workplace to cause trouble, stood outside to provoke and rallied his accomplices with weapons. When seeing two young men running on two motorbikes with weapons in their hands on Tran Van Tra Street, the security guard informed the Tan Phu Ward Police. Seeing the vehicle of the functional force, the two young men ran so quickly that they broke the turn signals of cars parked on the side of the road. One guy left his motorbike and then got on the car of his accomplices to escape to Huynh Tan Phat Street. The security guard provided the necessary information, pictures and the subject’s motorbike for the police to monitor and handle the case.


Phu My Hung Security force discovered suspicious signs when seeing two teenagers riding on two bicycles and holding another bicycle, so they stopped them to check. After having given some suspicious answers, the two subjects admitted that they just stolen a bicycle at block F, My Tu 1 Complex, when they saw that the door at the stairway was open. Both had no identification papers, said their names were Tiet Nhat Huy and Nguyen Trong Chi, born in 2007, living in District 7. Security force sent the two subjects to the Tan Phong ward police for handling. In a similar case, the security guard discovered that two young men stole a bicycle in the Scenic Valley Complex and took it on a motorbike to drive away. Seeing the security guards chasing and surrounding them on Nguyen Van Linh Parkway, they abandoned their motobikes and ran away but were later arrested. The driver was Vuong Quoc Binh, lived in District 3, had 3 previous convictions for property theft and the guy behind him was Pham Hai Binh, lived in Binh Thanh District. The two subjects and exhibits were handed over to Tan Phu Ward Police.


On October 10, 2021, a fire alarm went off at an apartment in Lot F, Scenic Valley, security guard quickly came to the scene and discovered smoke and burning smell. Preliminary inspection found that there was no one inside the apartment, the security guard immediately informed the complex manager to contact the owner. Fortunately, the owners came home in time and when they opened the door, they found the pot of food burning on the stove. The protection on the stove turned off so no unfortunate damage happens. The reason was that the owner went out but forgot to turn off the stove. Another incident, a fire occurred at K.H.L Company in Hung Gia 4. Security force was informed and immediately blocked the scene, regulated traffic, and at the same time called the Fire Prevention and Firefighting Department of District 7. After that, 20 firefighters and 4 fire trucks quickly arrived on the scene, 10 minutes later extinguished the fire arising on the 2nd floor. It was reported that when hearing the fire alarm, 70 employees who were working at the office were quickly evacuated to safety zone, no one was injured. The cause was determined to be an electric short circuit that burnt out all bedrooms on the second floor of the house. In a similar case, a sign with led lights of B.G Hotel in Hung Phuoc 3 fell down from the 2nd floor to the sidewalk and caught on fire. Security force promptly found out and used 2 nearby fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire. After being notified by the security guard, the hotel owner called the maintenance staff to check and fix it. Recently, many fires have occurred due to an electric short-circuit and forgetting to turn off the stove when going out, it is suggested that residents should pay attention to electrical safety and be careful when cooking. For safety of your own, your families and community, residents need to pay attention to fire prevention to avoid unfortunate circumstances.

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